To grow relationships

   Relationships are the beauty of life. Those who maintain good relationships in individual-family and social welfare will increase their confidence and confidence. It will help a lot of success. Human recognition and recognition are the underlying links. Consideration is a culture. That is the relationship. When considering and accepting each other, any relationship will grow. When relationships give happiness to others by walking, action, gesture and proximity, relationships grow and grow. Man's thirst for approval will be the end of his life.

   A person's speech, behavior, and spirit moves us to love him. A good word and a smile should be the personality of each person. It is the first step towards developing relationships. Good communication style will increase the relationship. Speech has five components. Sounds of tranquility, harmony, simple language, respect in the conversation, and patience. Our interpersonal skills, leadership skills, thinking ability, and ability to get along with others can make the relationship better. A quiet, moderate, neutral, open-minded, recognizable and appreciative language to promote relationships and relationships.

   The advantage is the approach that I am facing to others than I am. Loud talk, high voice speaking, talking up, showing extreme freedom, showing authoritarian power, interrupting the work of others, commotion, commending without communicating, unwanted speech, undue emotions, boldness, and non-church dialogue. Of course, here it is heard that we have not realized that it is a lie. The pride that I am the most proud is creating hatred. Do not argue about what I say and do well. Disgraced person will lose his hatred, hatred, hatred, vengeance, and vengeance. Therefore, avoid the dispute and accept the style of things. (Never argue but discuss) See what is good in others and say, appreciate and appreciate each other.

  You should stay in the troubleshooting while problems arise. They are honorable. Do not invite an addressee as a problemer / troublemaker. Every person is different from others. Every person's attitude and attitude are different. So do not need to break in when you hear a different opinion. Just think that you have a comment. Always seek out the solution. Kidnapping should be left in a cooperative spirit. Do not misunderstand anyone unnecessarily. Do not believe everything that you hear. Tell those who tell their narrative and the recipient. Some are self-proprietary blisters and blisters. Such people have a mystic joy in making others bad. Avoid unnecessarily misunderstood. No one should give any injuries. Do not ignore.

   Even our smallest movements are being monitored and evaluated by others. Should be treated with modesty and modesty. Positive energy should have the words and the fancy style. Our thoughts are to control emotions. Sat Widya is a cultivation of good thoughts. Do not get involved in unhealthy, illogical and wasteful thinking. Good communication, good sense of attitude, love approach, brightness, hope, modesty, determination, mercy, compassion, inspiring style, commitment, dedication, abilities, abilities, dignity, and dignity. Remember relationships give meaning and beauty to life. Make relationships successful with success.