Some of the things that bloggers need to note about

In the blogging world, too often a complaint is heard: 'No one is reading my blog; That's why I have lost interest in writing ". Anyone who has seen the blog of one of the blogs is wrong with the reader. The readers often ask: 'Why should I read your blog?' Going on some of the blogs does not mean that the reader can find nothing. If the readers do not get anything from one of their blog (especially the newcomers), it 's only natural that readers are gradually declining.

   So some of the things that the readers believe will be helpful to bloggers. It does not claim that it's perfect or perfect. The majority here have experience, knowledge and linguistics. This post is only for newcomers or for the purpose of coming soon.

  The enthusiasm that we show when starting at all things, and the energy we pay for it is worthless. The blogging world is no different. Most of the new breeders will have many hopes and dreams about their new entrepreneurship. Initially, they will write a few posting posts on a post. They write ten and twelve posts in the first week and they will be quite inactive for a few days. If you ask - no one is reading, it does not have the mood for writing.

  Let's see what the mistake they are doing - even as a factory produces goods without a night and day. The readers are not happy to read what he writes, whether they like it or that they like it or that people are interested. Most of the posts in your private diary are often posted. The strange thing about this world is - we can not have any interest in Mohanlal, Mammootty, Rajanikanta, Sachin Tendulkar (or any other famous person) or anyone who knows about our life. The text that any Blogger must remember first - Blog is not your personal diary. It does not want to read any of your day's holidays and you do not want to read it - you need to have a lot of things and ideas to bring your readers back to your blogs again. Every time you write, the idea is well thought out and you have to read it many times and put it in the front of readers.

  Is it enough to choose good topic and put it on the blog? Let's look at an example before saying something like this - Suppose we are going to buy a thing in the market. Even if there are two similar products, why do we buy a specific brand? What determines the choice of which two products are the same, regardless of usage? Studies have shown that the beauty of the product and the exterior of the product often attract us and influence our decisions. Majority of people think that the overlap is much better. So, if people have the same quality two-sophisticated copies then they have the most striking cover - people say (advertisements have noticed - now in a new new pack) and now better packing. It is good that the product we crave.) Therefore, the quality of the goods may be reduced only because the packing is not good.

  The same principle applies to our blog too. Not only do you write a good subject, it should also be presented in an awesome way. The second lesson - not just a good work, but it should bring it to the readers in a truly attractive way. The blog's lay-out, overall beauty, the size and the alignment of the words, and the paragraph breaks. The attraction in the first sight is a key factor in helping the readers to grab the attention!

Now we have a good work; It is awesome blog post; All about? It's wrong if you think yes. There are many things to be aware of ... Let's return to our example. Two soaps that are drawn on the shelf of the store are different - there is no other difference except that they're both a different brand ... What then? Dipping is not it? Then we take those sacks in hand and try to learn more about it. It will be given clear information about who made it, where it was made, what raw material used to make it.

   When we look at a soap's cover, there is no such thing - the other one is exactly the same. In such an environment, most people buy soap that is exactly the information. The reason is simple - it's about the company that makes it happen. That's not the other one. By the way, the first company is more reliable and more reliable. Our blogs are just like that! The third lesson we should put on - the blog should have a brief description of us and a short description. By way of introducing ourselves to readers, they are reliable; A new blogger should certainly give you a brief description on the blog - the statistics indicate that after the blogger's homepage the page most attracted the visitors their profile page. It is good to remember this with new bloggers.

   Do all of this? No; Take the matter of our soap. If you made a soap and packed it well, giving you all information about it and the company, would people buy that soap? No - how can people buy this without knowing that there is a soap market ??? Companies are selling out millions of pennies to inform consumers. They are attracted and we are attracted to soap.

That is how it works. Would it be foolish to think that good writers would be happy to see if they gave us the information about our blog, what makes us feel attractive and attractive? Our blog must be brought before people. Today's blog is one of the easiest ways to blog for blogging. Facebook etc. It can be easy to use. You can join many groups and read the blogs of others and bring your blog to everyone. In fact, many groups grow through payments. Only if you join the gathering is not enough; Read and respond to your friends' blogs there, and encourage them - even if you can get them back ... It does not seem to be a matter of time for the 'world' to survive. The fourth lesson in blogging - Marketing is best to know. It is not enough to create good writings and make sure that it reaches others.

  The last lesson - this is the most important thing - your blog is your responsibility. It is you who keep up, grow, and quench it - not the readers. Their comments and suggestions will have energy for you; But keeping your blog is your own responsibility only. You have to find self-confidence and motivation to advance it. Nobody else can do that. The responses you get are often not necessarily favorable; Seeing critically and praises in the right way, the paddy and the strangers will realize that. The life walks through the path of blogging, stone and thorns. All they need to have the power and trust to overcome them. No such criticism or false acclaim will lead you astray - If it is not able to hide your thoughts in your personal diary, it is desirable!

 We all wish that we can create the inspiring work of the thoughts of the mind ....