What is Counseling?

  If we get a sick one, we see a doctor. If we have a trouble or a problem, we see God. If we have a mental illness, we see a psychiatrist. A feeling of psychosis comes to a psychologist. I'd like to explain a little about counselling.

   A doctor is diagnosed with a patient's illness and is treated for the disease. The problem is fixed by a godly person. Similarly, a psychologist counselling is the reason for the cause of emotional disturbance.

  Why is counselling? Counseling is not an advice. Counseling is to create a capacity for the party to make an informed decision about the cause of his or her own decision. Counseling helps the parties to recognize their awareness. While counseling is not easy to use at practical level, many people have been advised to do so. The advice should be given in the manner he has made after making a statement to the party. Advice is no one. No one can easily accept that. Each one has its own direction. Only everyone will do that. A good counselor is trying to divert that direction on the right path. Do not seek counselors for counseling. The party is looking for the councilor to help him. Only they can be subjected to counseling. Only they can handle the counseling treatment effectively.

  Let me tell you the example of an eminent professor in a major university in a foreign state. He is married and has two children. His problem is that his wife and children do not care enough for him now. When the matter was looking for the story. He is a bank employee in Kerala. This is where the two children are studying. The professor was left alone in a single room in another state. He will come home in vacation. He had a lot of agriculture and things. He will come to his home and will receive a wife, children, servants and other well-wishers. (The reason for that good reception was a visitor to the back of the day.) This time the professor was separated from there. Now the wife and the children do not look like the first one. The employer does not care what he says. If he puts his goods in one place, he does not find it. Complaints go on and so on. He had seen many things with this problem. When he became pension he became a permanent resident. (There will be no love and interest in the one who sees them as long as they are outdoors.)

  He was living outside a room alone. No one else entered that room. So his position did not come to him. Only after a period of time you come home. At this time, members of the family, relatives and deputies, and VIPs. He was given a consideration or reception. Because it is only a few days to endure this. The worker will get something. Now he became a settler here. Leaving a single room and staying in a house with a wife and two children. They were all together and grew up together. But we are together in fellowship together. He is the one and only soldier. Default downloaded because of VIP All rights reserved. He was very relieved when he gave the professor a great deal. If you start to advise for such a case, the party will not accept it, and he will be pummeled and angry.